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PEISIR is the world’s leading provider of large-span inflatable membrane structure space solutions. It is a national high-tech and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise. We focus on the sustainable development of social economy, and are committed to the whole process of inflatable membrane structure industry professional services, to promote the steady development of inflatable membrane structure industry in various fields, we take the promotion of environmentally friendly, energy saving, healthy, intelligent green building as our own responsibility, to bring high-quality living space for people.

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  • Application And Development Trend Of Inflatable Membrane Structure Buildings

    Application And Develo...

    Summary Inflatable membrane structure building, as a light, strong and excellent sound insulation building form, has been widely used in the field of construction in recent years. Based on relevant domestic and foreign literature, this paper systematically analyzes the development history, principles and application of inflatable membrane structure buildings, and discusses its future development trend. Key words: inflatable membrane structure building; light weight; sound insulation performan...

  • The Air-Film Football Stadium In Astana, The Capital Of Kazakhstan, Is Also An Indoor Stadium Built With Air-Film Technology

    The Air-Film Football ...

    Description The air-film football stadium in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is also an indoor stadium built with air-film technology, which was designed, manufactured and installed by Peishi Film Industry Company. The football field started construction in 2007. Its air membrane structure covers an area of ​​11,700 square meters. The football field is 105 meters long, 68 meters wide and 25 meters high. Soon after its completion, the football stadium quickly became the main venue for Kazak...

  • Revolutionizing Stadiums The Flexibility, Durability, and Energy Efficiency of Pei Shi Films’ Inflatable Stadium

    Revolutionizing Stadiu...

    Description Pei Shi Films’ Inflatable Stadium is a revolutionary new product unlike any traditional stadium you’ve seen before. It is a cutting-edge gymnasium that uses air-membrane insulation to create a space that is extremely flexible, durable and able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. Different from traditional gymnasiums made of reinforced concrete, Peishi Membrane Company’s air-membrane gymnasium is made of a lightweight, flexible air-membrane material....

  • PEISIR Air-Film Warehouse Cost-Effective and Versatile Storage Facility

    PEISIR Air-Film Wareho...

    Description PEISIR Membranous Product (Beijing) Company is a building made of air-film technology, which is mainly used to store coal and other materials. Its main material is a special air film material and other auxiliary materials, which have good light transmission, flexibility and heat insulation, and can well protect coal and other materials from harsh weather conditions. The air-film coal shed of Peishi Film Industry Co., Ltd. adopts advanced technology and technology in the manufactur...

  • Beijing Xiaoyaoyuan Sky Dome Complex A Revolutionary Fitness Destination

    Beijing Xiaoyaoyuan Sk...

    Description Introducing the Beijing Xiaoyaoyuan Sky Dome Complex – the ultimate destination for sports enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts in Beijing. The complex is an innovative engineering masterpiece, combining cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art architecture to create a magnificent structure unlike anything you have seen before. Beijing Xiaoyaoyuan Sky Stadium is located in the prosperous area of ​​Chaoyang, with a construction area of ​​about 22,000 square meters, of whi...


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