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The packaging material for large equipment is PE heat shrinkable film. PE heat-shrinkable film is a high-strength, strong plastic film, which can fully wrap the equipment, and can quickly shrink the film to the surface of the equipment by heating, so that the equipment and the film can be perfectly bonded to form a A protective cover that is sure to be waterproof, moisture-proof, rain-proof and tear-resistant. PE heat shrinkable film has the following advantages when packaging large equipment:
1. With good transparency, it is convenient to observe the condition of the equipment and avoid damage during sorting, loading and unloading.
2. The film has high tension, which can completely wrap large equipment and avoid damage caused by bumping and friction.
3. Good tear resistance,
PE heat-shrinkable film has the advantages of high strength, high transparency, high film tension, and good tear resistance, and can provide safe protection for large equipment. Similarly, PE heat shrinkable film can also protect the packaged equipment from water, moisture, rain and other aspects, so as to ensure the integrity and safety of the equipment.

PE heat shrinkable film is a material with high transparency, high tension and high strength. It is widely used in the packaging of large equipment. Its main function is to protect equipment from external factors such as collisions, scratches, pollution, and moisture. The use of PE heat shrinkable film can effectively keep the equipment clean and free from damage. In addition, the PE heat shrinkable film also has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance, which can protect the equipment from rain and water vapor. In short, PE heat shrinkable film is an ideal packaging material for large-scale equipment, which can provide comprehensive protection and guarantee for equipment.

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