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PEISIR can customize various membrane structure products, especially inflatable membrane structure products, according to customer needs, and provide one-stop services. The company has a professional technical team and production equipment, which can provide professional design, production, and installation services to customers, ensuring that their needs are fully met.
For inflatable membrane structure products, Pei Film Industry Company has strong technical advantages and can provide a variety of styles and specifications of products. Through flexible design and excellent materials, the company's inflatable membrane structure products can effectively reduce weight, enhance load capacity, improve service life, and have good wind, rain, and sun resistance characteristics in use. Specifically, the company can customize inflatable membrane board houses, inflatable membrane cowsheds, inflatable membrane warehouses, inflatable membrane sports venues and other products of different specifications, sizes, and colors based on customers' usage scenarios and requirements for membrane structure products.
In addition, the company can also provide customers with comprehensive services, including design solutions, engineering management, quality control, after-sales service, etc. In terms of design solutions, the company will have a professional design team to provide customers with the best membrane structure product solutions based on their needs and actual situations. In terms of quality control, the company strictly controls the quality of raw materials, ensuring the quality and safety of products, and ensuring customer satisfaction. In terms of after-sales service, the company will continue to monitor the usage of customers after selling the products, and respond and solve the problems raised by customers in a timely manner.
Therefore, Pei Film Industry Company is not only able to customize various membrane structure products according to customer needs, but also can provide one-stop service to help customers solve problems and provide long-term reliable after-sales support.
The founder team of Pei's Membrane Industry Company has over 30 years of practical experience in the inflatable membrane structure industry. They all have technical backgrounds in the membrane structure industry and have been deeply involved in the membrane structure industry for many years.
The founder team has deep technical expertise and rich experience in inflatable membrane structures. They are committed to promoting the development and promotion of membrane structural engineering, actively exploring new technologies and materials, and winning the recognition and trust of customers and the market in the membrane structure industry.
The founder team of Pei's Membrane Industry Company also focuses on technological innovation and talent cultivation. Through continuous learning and practice, they always maintain technological leadership and continuously improve the technological level of various membrane structure products in design, manufacturing, installation, and other aspects.
Therefore, the founder team with 30 years of practical experience in the inflatable membrane structure industry has provided Pei's membrane industry company with deep technical reserves and experience accumulation, capable of providing customers with high-quality products and services.
Mr. Pei Huaizhong, as one of the founders of Pei's Membrane Industry Company, has over 30 years of experience in the inflatable membrane structure industry. He has gone through countless projects in this industry and created over 3000 membrane structure cases. These products involve various fields of sea, land, and air force migrant workers, including sports venues, exhibition halls, container houses, transportation gas stations, parking lots, warehouses, factories, agricultural greenhouses, and so on.
He promoted and promoted in the inflatable membrane structure industry, promoting the development and progress of the industry, and is known as the "founder of inflatable membrane structures". Under his leadership, Pei's Membrane Industry Company has also become one of the leading enterprises in the domestic inflatable membrane structure industry.
Mr. Pei Huaizhong's technical experience and innovative ideas have deeply influenced the entire Pei Film Industry Company, enabling the company to continuously explore and innovate, gaining technological and product advantages. In the future development, Pei's Membrane Industry Company will continue to provide professional membrane structure products and services with higher quality requirements, more advanced technical means, more complete product lines, and more comprehensive after-sales services.


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