The Air-Film Football Stadium In Astana, The Capital Of Kazakhstan, Is Also An Indoor Stadium Built With Air-Film Technology

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The air-film football stadium in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, is also an indoor stadium built with air-film technology, which was designed, manufactured and installed by Peishi Film Industry Company. The football field started construction in 2007. Its air membrane structure covers an area of ​​11,700 square meters. The football field is 105 meters long, 68 meters wide and 25 meters high.
Soon after its completion, the football stadium quickly became the main venue for Kazakhstan football matches, and it also hosted the 2008 indoor Asian Cup football match. The football field uses an air film design, which can effectively maintain the temperature balance inside and outside the stadium, save energy, and the air film material can effectively isolate noise, ensuring a quiet and comfortable game. In addition, the air film material has strong light transmission, which can allow sunlight to enter the stadium through the top, so that the competition venue has more natural light conditions.
The construction of the football field has aroused great repercussions and praise in the local area, and at the same time, it has also improved people's awareness of air film technology and Peishi Film Industry Company.

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Yes, the air film gymnasium of Peishi Film Industry Co., Ltd. was exported to Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, as early as 2010, becoming one of the earliest Chinese manufacturers to export air film stadiums. This marks that Peishi Film Industry Co., Ltd. The influence and brand awareness on the Internet have been gradually improved.
The air film gymnasium is a light modular building with the advantages of convenient installation, light structure, durability, heat insulation, etc. It is currently widely used in sports events and cultural activities around the world. It is an innovative stadium and exhibition The architectural form of the pavilion.
The air film gymnasium of Peishi Film Industry Co., Ltd. has been well received in the domestic and foreign markets, and has won the trust and recognition of many customers. In the future, the company will continue to expand the market scale of various membrane structure products independently developed and produced, and continue to provide customers with high-quality products and high-quality services.

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