Wuyishan Hongyun Sports Air Dome Stadium—An Indoor Gymnasium Designed With Air Membrane Structure

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Wuyishan Hongyun Gymnasium Air Dome Stadium is a first-class gymnasium built with a modern design of air film structure, carefully developed and installed by the expert team of PEISIR Film Company. Located in the Yunshuiyao Scenic Area in Wuyishan City, Fujian Province, this remarkable facility opened in 2016 and has become a destination of choice for sports enthusiasts. The stadium has a capacity of 3,000 spectators, and within its air-cushioned walls, a variety of sports can be played, including basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and swimming. The advanced equipment and sports facilities in the venue can meet a wide range of training requirements, enabling individuals to easily develop their own sports style and improve their sports level.

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The gas roof pavilion adopts the integrated design of steel frame and gas roof, which optimizes the construction technology of the gas roof pavilion and provides a highly convenient and efficient construction method. In just 80 days, the pavilion can be built. The air film material uses a high-quality PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) composition that provides strong UV and IR protection while maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. The air support technology is adopted to reduce the weight of the air film and enhance the aerodynamic capacity of the venue. This technology allows for increased wind resistance without compromising the overall weight of the structure.
During the construction process, the construction party of the air dome pavilion also paid special attention to environmental protection and ecological construction, selected reusable and recyclable building materials, and planted trees around the venue to increase the oxygen content, which is for the beautification of the surrounding landscape of the venue and the improvement of the environment. Kaizen made a positive contribution. The construction of the gas-film pavilion not only fully utilizes the advantages of gas-film technology, but also embodies the values ​​of environmental protection and ecology.


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