The Air Film Will Provide High-Quality Services for National Fitness

Pei Huaizhong, the founder of Peishi Membrane Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd., which is a top company in China’s air membrane industry, recently suggested that inflatable membrane construction projects are an effective solution to tap the potential of land for facility construction and overcome the problem of inadequate supply of sites.

Peishi Membrane Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a scientific research enterprise that integrates the design, development, production, sales, and service of membrane structure products, and it specializes in the development of air-film construction projects in the field of membrane structures that are highly popular in the international construction industry. In addition, the company builds and manufactures large-scale inflatable stadiums, as well as large-scale inflatable water, land, and air amusement facilities. The company has accumulated nearly 30 years of successful experience in membrane structure products, and it completed the construction of the first air-supported domestic inflatable membrane structure venue in Beijing back in 1996.

The company also has a research and development factory that specializes in supporting membrane structure product processing equipment, as well as automatic production and intelligent equipment for supporting membrane structure products. Moreover, the company controls the R&D center and has a team of experienced professional and technical personnel.

Inflatable membrane structures are widely used, and various types of inflatable membrane structure building products developed by Peishi Membrane Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are employed in sports venues such as tennis courts, golf practice halls, swimming pools, ice skating halls, and sports conference exhibition halls.

Looking ahead, the company plans to further improve the research and development technology of sports domes, upgrade product competitiveness, actively participate in and promote the formulation of sports dome standards, and lead the industry in high standardization, standardization, and sustainable development. The sports domes produced by Peishi Membrane Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. are expected to provide high-quality products for the national fitness industry with a guarantee of excellent services.


Post time: Apr-27-2023