Pei’s Membrane Rubber Mountain

The pneumatic rubber mountain developed by Pei’s membrane industry company is a type of recreational equipment with pneumatic film. This type of amusement equipment is mainly based on air film, combined with flexible air film materials and other related facilities.


When using the inflatable rubber mountain, people can climb, slide, jump, and enjoy a very exciting and fun amusement experience under the support of the inflatable membrane. At the same time, this device also has the characteristics of safety, environmental protection, easy disassembly, portability, and storage.


Pei’s membrane rubber mountain can be designed and manufactured according to customer needs, and it can also be flexibly combined according to different sites. In addition, during the manufacturing process, Pei Film Company adopts high-quality airtight materials and advanced manufacturing technology to ensure the safety and stability of amusement equipment.

Post time: May-17-2023