Pei’s Membrane Industry Company developed a leak proof sealed airbag for the China Atomic Energy Research Institute

As far as I know, Pei Film Industry Company is a dual high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of heat shrink films, gas films, and membrane structures. In cooperation with the China Atomic Energy Research Institute, Pei Film Industry Company has developed a leak proof emergency airbag.


This airbag product is specifically designed for industries such as power, chemical, and petroleum, and its main function is to isolate and protect the surrounding environment in the event of a leakage accident. The airbag adopts high-performance airtight film material and advanced airtight technology, which can prevent the diffusion of leaked substances and pollution of the environment. It can be quickly activated, inflated, deployed, and ensured safety in emergency situations.


Pei Film Industry Company has years of experience and technology in airbag manufacturing, and its team has in-depth research and practice in material selection, membrane design, and airtight technology. Its airbag product has stable performance, safety and reliability, and has characteristics such as pressure resistance, anti-static, and waterproof vapor. In emergency situations, it can be quickly activated and deployed, providing excellent emergency protection.

In short, Pei's Membrane Industry Company has rich experience and technology in the research and application of leak proof emergency airbags. Its products have stable performance, reliable quality, safety and efficiency, and have been widely praised and recognized by users.


Post time: May-17-2023