Doba National Sports Base Inflatable Tennis Hall

In July 2013, Peishi Membrane Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. completed the construction of the first air-membrane tennis hall in Xining, Qinghai Province, located at the Duoba National Sports Training Base. The innovative and unique inflatable building has an interesting and recognizable appearance resembling a large white bread with a semicircular top. The structure measures 64 meters in length, 37 meters in width, and stands 13 meters high, offering a total area of 2342 square meters.

Apart from offering a comfortable playing environment with pm2.5 filtration, constant temperature and humidity, non-glare lighting, and transparency, the membrane material used for the air dome pavilion is coated with PVDF, which has a self-cleaning function. This feature ensures that the air dome pavilion maintains its brightness and freshness over time. Additionally, the air dome pavilion is designed without any columns or beams, and it generates no noise or dust during construction, thus making it an energy-efficient and eco-friendly choice.

The air film building uses a special architectural film as the outer layer of the material, which filters the air and isolates smog. As a result, it has become a popular choice for many sports venues. The air dome pavilion at the Duoba National Sports Training Base provides top-notch facilities and an excellent sporting experience. The unique and iconic design of the air dome pavilion adds to the aesthetics of the training base while providing a comfortable and safe environment for athletes to train in.


Post time: Apr-27-2023